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We Help Protect Your Interests

With 33 years in the industry, we have successfully negotiated over 25,000 claims.
We manage claims resulting from wind, hail, hurricane, fire, and water damage resulting from plumbing failure.

We specialize in apartments, condos, hotels, business offices, and shopping centers, as well as all residential sizes-both coastal and inland. We have a strong background in construction, repair and restoration estimating, insurance claims handling, and insurance company claims operations and processes.

As an industry leader and a former carrier adjuster, we will handle your claim efficiently, ethically, and timely. As recent victims of Hurricane Harvey, we understand the emotions of dealing with personal loss and the headache of dealing with the insurance company. Let us ease the burden, ensuring that you get every dollar you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

Damage Review & Claim Analysis: We review your policy for coverage limits and inspect property damage, provide individualized claim recommendations, and outline your options for free with no obligation.

We Review Your Insurance Policy. Insurance policies are complex and difficult to understand. Policies can change from year to year and often require that insurance claims meet specific conditions. Not meeting the conditions can result in your claim being denied or reduced payments for the property loss. A public adjuster makes sure that a claim meets all the requirements of your policy.

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We Thoroughly Document Your Loss

Insurance policies require the policyholder (YOU) to document and prove your loss to the insurance company. Few people have the necessary expertise or experience to meet that burden. We understand insurance policies, current replacement costs, property repair, business income loss, and other elements of property loss that are critical to getting a fair and proper settlement.


We will prepare your claim

including estimates, inventories, photographs, and other documented factual information that is required to prove the extent of your loss. We will inspect your property loss and submit proof of loss to your insurance company.


We Negotiate For Maximum Benefit.

We work with the insurance company adjuster to negotiate the maximum amount owed to you. Usually, the public adjuster and company adjuster settle the claim without controversy.


Damage Review and Claim Analysis

We review your policy for coverage limits and inspect property damage, provide individualized claim recommendations, and outline your options for free with no obligation.

Why Choose Us

Qualified Expert

Claim Management We will professionally and courteously represent YOUR interests with your insurance company. We schedule and organize all meetings and inspections, provide you with timely and clear communication, meet with insurance adjuster, and aggressively negotiate for maximum possible settlement.

Quality Professionals

Damage Assessment & Estimate Preparation We document property damage, to include utilizing specialized infrared, and moisture detection equipment, satellite imagery, building material manufacturing recommendations, building code requirements, and forensic data, if needed, to support your claim. We furnish a detailed estimate of property damage using the same software as your insurance company and formulate settlement actions and recommendations.



WE DEAL WITH THEM EVERY DAY. CONSUMERS ARE NOT ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD when dealing with for-profit insurance companies. If you suffer a loss, you may need to hire a professional to help you get a full and fair claim settlement from your insurance company, especially in cases of large losses, denied or underpaid claims. You may need independent experts to evaluate your situation, document and value your losses and aggressively negotiate. Having a Public Adjuster on your side helps you fight the insurance company on their own terms and typically results in a much larger settlement, often 50% – 300% more.